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Suffolk County Homeowners: Are Your Property Taxes Too High?

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Wouldn't you like to save
hundreds - even thousands - of dollars each year on your property taxes?

We are a local company specializing in Suffolk County property tax grievances.  As you know Suffolk homeowners pay some of the highest taxes in the nation.  As a result, homeowners across Long Island may be over-assessed and are paying more than their fair share.

To reduce your property taxes, you have to file a Property Tax Grievance. You can do this yourself (if you love doing paperwork and dealing with Town Hall) or you can hire a firm on your behalf.

All Island Tax Grievance specializes in representing homeowners in Suffolk County. We research your case, file all required paperwork, and, if necessary, represent you in court.

It’s Risk-Free! There is absolutely no charge if we do not get you a property tax reduction.


The Grievance Process

How Property Taxes Are Assessed

How Property Taxes Are Reduced

Property Tax Grievance

The assessed value of your home, set by your Town Tax Assessor, is a key factor in determining whether you’re paying too much property tax.   Every town places an assessed value on your home which is a percentage of full fair market value.  New York State establishes a ratio (called the Residential Assessment Ratio) which, when multiplied by your Assessed Value, equals the full Fair Market Value.  Your Assessed Value is then divided by your local “Tax Rate per $100” to determine your actual property taxes.

Ask the Tax Griever

QI Won A Reduction 4 Years Ago From, Should I File Again?

Yes, This has been an extremely unusual year , many homes not entitled to reduction last year, are definitely entitled to LARGE reductions this year. It’s FREE to find out if you are entitled to reduction.

QI Think My Taxes Are Low, And I Don’t Want To Raise A Red Flag.

Even if you are under assessed- they cannot raise your assessment unless they reassess the entire area. There is ABSOLUTELY no down side to filing a grievance.

QDoes Filing A Property Tax Grievance Affect My Star Program?

No, a grievance has no effect on your Basic Star exemption.

QHow Long Does A Tax Grievance Take?

The tax grievance process can take over a year from beginning to end. However, regardless of when your case is settled, a reduction is retroactive to the beginning of the tax year for which you filed.

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